Blended Learning: Psychology Honors

This year we are launching the new Long Range Education Plan. As part of that initiative we have committed to adopting new programs that balance both innovation with tradition. That is why we are very excited to announce that the MLHS Social Studies Department will now be offering a new, blended learning course called Honors Psychology Seminar that will continue to boast the rigor we expect in our courses. Taught by Ms. Kane-Malone, Honors Psychology will allow students to take online modules through Canvas, a learning management system, designed by Ms. Kane-Malone and Ms. Latimer, our MLHS Online Academy facilitator.

On September 23, 2014, we began accepting applications. Students who expressed interest in psychology at some point in the past, whether it was taking Human Behavior with Ms. Geveke, requesting Human Behavior and not being scheduled for it, or participating in an online psychology course via the MLHS Online Academy with Ms. Latimer were notified first and offered a space.

This link provided students with a course overview. Clearly, Honors Psychology Seminar is a rigorous course that moves at an accelerated pace. It will run from October 15 through April 15. It is a 5-credit, Honors level course, bringing with it Honors weighting. The course is designed for students who have demonstrated an interest in psychology and we will invite successful students to consider taking the AP Psychology test in May 2015.

Students will be successful in this course if they

  • have proven they can work well independently
  • know how to pace themselves and remain motivated without a teacher directly guiding them day-in, day-out
  • are adept at navigating material delivered online
  • have demonstrated strong writing and communication skills

I look forward in seeing how this class and the AP Economics course use blended learning techniques to assist our students in becoming true 21st-century learners! We are all proud of our teachers, students, and our principal Mr. Davies for forging MLHS in this exciting new path!