Special Services Overview

The Special Education program at Mountain Lakes High School provides classified students with a variety of educational services and supports.

Students have the opportunity to improve their work, study, and organizational skills in a class entitled Learning Strategies. This class reviews basic academic concepts and reinforces curriculum goals.

In-class-support is offered in a co-teaching instructional setting in a number of classes throughout various curricular disciplines. Both general education and special education teachers collaborate to provide instructional accommodations to students.

Small-group instruction is provided in English, Social Studies, and Math to students who may benefit from a more individualized educational approach. In some cases, 1:1 instructional aides are provided for students who need closely monitored assistance.

Students' educational programs are administered and monitored by the MLHS Child Study Team.

MLHS Special Education Staff:

Building First Name Last Name Position Subject/Dept. Grade email
MLHS Kathleen Banks Resource Teacher Special Services kbanks@mlschools.org
MLHS Rob Cadigan Paraprofessional Special Services rcadigan@mlschools.org
MLHS Robert DeMuth Psychologist Special Services rdemuth@mlschools.org
MLHS Kerry DiGiacinto Director of Special Services Special Services kdigiacinto@mlschools.org
MLHS Bridgett Dorney Resource Teacher Special Services bdorney@mlschools.org
MLHS Dawn Durkin Resource Teacher Special Services ddurkin@mlschools.org
MLHS Michael Ferguson Resource Teacher Special Services mferguson@mlschools.org
MLHS Darrell Fusco Resource Teacher Special Services dfusco@mlschools.org
MLHS Diane Geveke Resource Teacher Special Services dgeveke@mlschools.org
MLHS Karen Helmer Paraprofessional Special Services khelmer@mlschools.org
MLHS Tara McNaboe Resource Teacher Special Services tmcnaboe@mlschools.org
MLHS Debra Merian Paraprofessional Special Services dmerian@mlschools.org
MLHS Maria Petinakis Paraprofessional Special Services mpetinakis@mlschools.org
MLHS Jeffrey Reid Resource Teacher Special Services jreid@mlschools.org
MLHS Anisa Serheev Resource Teacher Special Services aserheev@mlschools.org
MLHS Trish Spence-Reid Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultants Special Services tspence-reid@mlschools.org
MLHS Dina Sweifach Social Worker Special Services dsweifach@mlschools.org