MLHS World Language Curriculum

The Mountain Lakes World Language Department is proud of the curriculum that is provided to our students. Currently, the department is revising its French and Spanish curricula. We are also researching different textbooks and resources for next year's students. Moreover, we are working in concert with our colleagues at Briarcliff and Rockaway Valley School to ensure there is a robust articulation among us. Keep looking here for updates to the exciting changes that will be happening this year and next!

MLHS World Language Scope & Sequence 2012

Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century

Alignment of the National Standards for Learning Languages with the Common Core State Standards

AP Spanish Language and Culture Curriculum Framework

AP French Language and Culture Course and Exam Description

AP Latin Course and Exam Description (Not yet offered at MLHS)

American Sign Language 1

Our ASL program began in 2014.

American Sign Language 2

Our ASL 2 class was launched in 2015.

American Sign Language 3

ASL 3 was launched in 2017.

French 1 BC Curriculum

This is the curriculum for both the 7th & 8th Grade French classes in Briarcliff.

French 1 MLHS Curriculum

This is the curriculum for French 1 at MLHS. It is different than the Briarcliff curriculum in that different resources (specifically the textbook) are used.

French 3 Honors Curriculum

This curriculum is part of the feeder program for the AP French class.

French 3 Curriculum

This curriculum was last updated in 2018.

French 5 Curriculum

This curriculum was last updated in 2018.

Latin 1 Curriculum

Latin is only offered at MLHS.

Spanish 1 Curriculum

This is the curriculum for both the 7th & 8th Grade Spanish classes in Briarcliff as well as the Spanish 1 course at Mountain Lakes High School.

Spanish 2 Curriculum

This curriculum is for MLHS students only as opposed to Spanish 1 which is also open to Briarcliff students.

Spanish 3 Curriculum

This is the curriculum Mountain Lakes High School taking the third year in Spanish.

Spanish 4 Curriculum

The Spanish 4 Curriculum was updated in 2016

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