Film Studies
2 1/2 Credits -- 1/2 Year

Film Study is structured primarily as an introductory course to the elements and techniques of film art. The course is predicated on the assumption that film, while commonly viewed as entertainment, is also a valid and serious art form. Therefore, the course approaches this art form from three critical perspectives: analytical, historical/cultural, and aesthetic. To this end, shots, sequences, and a wide range of films from feature-length narratives to animated, experimental, and documentary shorts will be shown to illustrate the material covered in classroom discussions, the styles present during a particular film period, the establishment of film genres, and the accomplishments of noted artists/auteurs.

Public Speaking
2 1/2 Credits-1/2 Year

Public speaking is a class that is designed to nurture the hesitant speaker, as well as further the abilities of students already familiar with the skills needed to speak in front of an audience. Students will learn how to craft and deliver speeches for a variety of purposes and audiences. Progress will be charted through self- and peer-evaluations as well as the video taping of speeches. This course will provide students with practical speaking skills for high school, college, and the workplace. They will develop a new kind of self-confidence that will grow, as they become more effective speakers.

Introduction to Drama: Acting Workshop
2 1/2 Credits - 1/2 Year

This course will actively involve students in all aspects of acting and the skills required to perform on stage. This course is designed for all students regardless of experience. All students can benefit from the focus skills of this course as they are related to public presence, presentation, audience awareness, and communication. Students will focus on becoming believable actors and effective communicators of human experience and thought. Additionally, they will gain knowledge of the cultural and literary heritage of the theatre, as well as a greater appreciation for the range of human experience.

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