Program of Studies


Mountain Lakes High School promotes a supportive learning environment where every student is challenged, inspired, and empowered to cultivate the intellectual curiosity, skills, and knowledge needed to contribute as a responsible and productive citizen of the global community. In order for students to gain the most from their high school educational experience, we urge careful course planning that involves the student, his or her parents, teachers, and counselor. This collaboration will result in a comprehensive educational program that is adapted to individual needs as well as state and local graduation requirements.

Mountain Lakes High School’s Program of Studies is a valuable reference manual for students, parents, and school personnel actively involved in curriculum planning at Mountain Lakes; it is a complete guide to course offerings at the high school.

Planning an individual student's high school program of studies demands a cooperative effort between home and school. The program of studies that a student pursues in high school should reflect his or her aspirations, achievements and aptitudes. The courses at Mountain Lakes High School provide students with many opportunities to meet educational needs. Beyond state, district, and college and career requirements, students are encouraged to select courses that will be academically stimulating and personally enriching. In selecting particular courses, the following criteria should be considered:

Does the course:

Meet the high school graduation requirements?
Provide an outlet for interests in specific subject areas?
Fulfill college entrance requirements?
Reflect the proficiency level for which the student is best suited?
Provide a background for post high school plans leading to career options?

Students are encouraged to take the strongest possible academic program available within their own personal limitations during all four years of high school. The philosophies of education, specific course requirements, and other qualifications for acceptance vary among the nation's colleges and universities. All, however, recognize the desirability of a broad education with a strong foundation in the traditional, solid academic subjects. A rigorous secondary school preparation remains the best means by which a student can be assured of maximizing the benefits to be derived from a challenging college education.

As always, all members of the Mountain Lakes High School staff look forward to assisting you in the exciting process.


Frank Sanchez, Interim Principal


Kevin Pfister, Assistant Principal
Kurt Hanisch, Science/Practical Arts Supervisor
Paul Henry, English/Fine Arts Supervisor
Michelle Melucci, Math Supervisor
Frank Sanchez, Curriculum Director/Social Studies/World Language Supervisor

School Counseling Staff

Michelle Giurlando, Director
Lauren Daniell, College & Career Counselor
Lorie Lewandowski, Counselor
Cara Pagan, Student Assistance Counselor
Cara Pelchat, Student Assistance Counselor
Betsy Sullivan, Counselor
Dave Wolfelsperger, Counselor
Zorica Alcott, Administrative Assistant


It is the policy of the Mountain Lakes School District to guarantee equal education opportunity to each child in the public schools. Equal education opportunity refers to all activities and programs conducted or sponsored by the school day or after regular school hours.

The district guarantees to all persons equal access to all facilities and all categories of employment in the district regardless of race, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, age, national origin or social or economic status.

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