Entreprenurial Program

MLHS has partnered with local community members and neighboring businesses to design LAKER LAUNCH, a planned four-year entrepreneurial and business program that will empower our students in becoming future leaders and creative problem solvers. As part of this program, students will analyze case studies, run the Entrepreneur Club's burgeoning e-commerce platforms, and design and launch their own student businesses. Students can matriculate for the entire 4-year program, or they can take just one or two of the classes. Each of these classes fulfills the district's financial literacy graduation requirement.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Grade Level 9-10
2.5 Credits - Semester

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is a semester-long course that will help students foster an entrepreneurial mindset to prepare our students to be innovative and resilient in today's changing times. Students will analyze businesses and research successes and failures by examining case studies in each of the nine units: customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, and cost structure. Students will then apply their learning as they cross-train in each of those departments with the Entrepreneur Club's e-commerce business.

Entrepreneurship 2: Selling Yourself and Your Business
Prerequisite: Completion of Entrepreneurship 1 OR previous membership in the Entrepreneurship Club
Grade Level: 10-11
5 Credits - Full Year

Building on the skills and lessons from the MLHS Entrepreneurial Club sessions or the Introduction class, this year-long course focuses on marketing and business communications. This course is designed to help you sharpen your writing, presentation, and interpersonal communication skills to help you succeed in the business world. In the second half of the course, you will explore core concepts and tools to help you better understand and excel in marketing. Key topics include Market Research and its importance to strategy, brand strategy, pricing, integrated marketing communication, social media strategy, and more. Students will then head the marketing and customer relationship departments for the Entrepreneur Club's e-commerce business.

Entrepreneurship 3 & 4 will be added to the Program of Studies in the next two years. These courses will focus on finance, leadership, and business iteration in which students are expected to launch their own businesses. An optional international trip to study business operations may be part of the program during the summer.