Have you ever wondered who invented indoor plumbing, the calendar, passports or the notion that everyone is innocent until proven guilty? Step onto the worn cobblestone paths of the past where all roads lead to Rome. The study of Latin provides a comprehensive introduction to the language, literature, culture and modern-day influences of ancient Rome. Students at all levels will enhance their English verbal skills and vocabulary through learning Latin word roots, reading Latin passages, writing in Latin and listening to spoken Latin. Students will gain appreciation and insight into ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Roman history, literature, art, philosophy and culture. Students at all levels will have the opportunity to compete in the annual National Latin Exam.

Latin 1                                                                                                                      

Grade Level 9-11

5 Credits - Full Year

In the first year of Latin, students will study the daily life, language and customs of ancient Rome. By reading about a Roman merchant and his family who lived in Pompeii before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE, students will immerse themselves in the culture in the early Roman Empire. During the course, students will incorporate knowledge about Roman civilization and its influences on modern government, art, architecture, city planning, and daily life. Students will begin to explore mythological figures and representations of culturally significant stories in ancient and modern artworks. This foundational study will also focus on Latin etymology of English words and the cultural influences of ancient Rome.

Latin 2

Prerequisite: Latin 1

Grade Level 10-12

5 Credits - Full year

The second year of Latin builds upon the structure of knowledge gained in Latin 1. Students will expand their knowledge of the Latin language by studying the provinces of the Roman Empire and learning specifically about a governor and his family who lived in the Roman province of Britain. Emphasis will be placed on continuing the study of the Latin language and culturally significant figures of Roman and Greek mythology, history, art and daily life.

Latin 3/4 Honors                                                                                             

Teacher Recommendation Required

Prerequisite: Latin 2/Latin 3

Grade Level 11-12

5 Credits - Full Year

In the third and fourth years of Latin study, the focus on the language becomes more intricate and advanced. This honor level course will prepare students to read, write and present in advanced Latin as well as to interpret Latin passages by Roman authors using the works of Cicero, Catullus and Martial. Latin 3/4 Honors students will further explore the nuances of Roman philosophy, mythology, astrology, medicine, architecture, military life and government in the ancient city of Rome under the rule of the Emperor Domitian. Students will build upon their knowledge of the ancient world in order to perform higher-level tasks in the Latin language for greater fluency. Emphasis will be placed on the philosophy, style of each author, poetic devices and prose composition as well as the purpose and aim of each work in history.

Advanced Placement Latin                                                                                    

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation OR successful completion of Latin 3/4 Honors

Any student not in receipt of a Teacher Recommendation or who does not meet the prerequisite detailed above may complete and submit a Course Placement Application by the required deadline. Submission of a completed form does not guarantee enrollment in the course.

Grade Level 12

5 Credits - Full Year

The AP Latin course focuses on the in-depth study of selections from two of the greatest works in Latin literature: Vergil's Aeneid and Caesar's Gallic War. The course requires students to prepare and translate the readings and places these texts in a meaningful context, which helps develop critical, historical, and literary sensitivities. Throughout the course, students consider themes in the context of ancient literature and bring these works to life through classroom discussions, debates, and presentations. Additional English readings from both of these works help place the Latin readings in a significant context. Students are expected to register for and to take the College Board AP Latin Exam at the end of the year.

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