12th Grade (Multiple PDF and pptx Links on Page)

Seniors should be meeting with their individual counselors and Mrs. Daniell frequently to review their college admissions process.

September 26, 2018- Senior Parent Night. A meeting in the auditorium at 7:30 pm highlighting what to expect as a senior year parent as it relates to coursework and college admissions.

October 4, 2018- Financial Aid Night in the auditorium at 7:30 pm.

October 2018, Date TBD- Senior Parent Coffee: Application Process Q&A. 

December 2018, Date TBD- Senior Parent Coffee: Preparing for Early Admissions Decisions to Come in. 

March 2019, Date TBD- Senior Parent Coffee on Understanding Your Child's Admissions Decisions. 

June 2019, Date TBD- Senior Parent Coffee on Preparing for Your Child to Leave Home.

Blue transcript request forms- Are due 3 weeks before your first deadline.

Brag Sheets- Remember to turn in your brag sheets early enough so your counselor has ample time to dedicate to your letter of recommendation.

ED or EA- Students who are applying early decision or early action to schools should not wait until their decisions come in to begin working on their regular decision applications. We all hope you will be accepted to your early school, but students need to be prepared in case they do not get the news they are hoping for.

College Application Documents & Q1 Grades- Any students with early January deadlines must submit a blue transcript request form to their individual counselors by December 11. This will give us ample time to make sure your documents arrive by the deadline since the office is closed over the holiday break. Seniors are reminded to check their college application portal(s) periodically to ensure their application file is complete (note: Not every college has an application portal). One important item that could be communicated to applicants via the portal is the need to submit a student's first quarter grades. Unlike mid-year grade reports, Mountain Lakes does not automatically send first quarter grades to colleges students have applied to because not all colleges require them. If you have applied to a college that has requested Q1 grades, please let your school counselor know, and we will send them for you. Colleges will inform the student via college application portal, email, phone, or mail that these grades are required.

Early Acceptances- Any student who was accepted to an Early Decision school must withdraw all outstanding applications (this should be done as soon as you receive your acceptance) and notify any colleges where you were previously admitted that you will not be attending. You may email or call colleges to withdraw your application. Write Application Withdrawal in the subject line of your email so they can easily route the message to the appropriate place.

Mid-year Grades - Mid-year grades will be available on the parent portal in February 2019. Seniors are encouraged to review their grades for accuracy as counselors will be sending mid-year grades to all colleges to which our seniors have applied. The mid-year report will be an average grade based on 1MP, 2MP and midterm exams, where applicable. If you have any questions regarding mid-year reports, see your counselor.

Senior Exit Meetings- All seniors are required to schedule a 10-minute Exit Meeting with their counselor in May. Sign up sheets are posted outside of each counselor's door. You may schedule a time during a free period or around your AP exams. These brief meetings are mandatory. We will not be able to send final transcripts to colleges at the end of June if you do not attend a meeting. We look forward to seeing you then.

Final Transcripts- The counseling department will automatically send your final transcript to the college you are attending by the end of June. You do not need to request these transcripts.

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