Selection Process



Selection Process

1. Eleventh grade students are initially selected on the basis of their academic performance: an overall GPA of 3.650 based on the ten marking periods prior to selection. Eleventh grade students who are eligible for consideration after ten marking periods, must maintain a GPA above 3.650 for the eleventh marking period to remain eligible for induction.

2. Eleventh grade students achieving an overall 3.650 GPA following eleven marking periods will also be invited to pursue the process leading to induction.

3. Any twelfth grade student who has achieved an overall 3.650 GPA at the close of the eleventh grade year will be invited to pursue the process for admission into the NHS in the fall of the senior year.

4. Students who have met the criterion cited in #1 are notified by mail that they are being considered for membership. They are provided with a Candidate Information Packet including a cover letter, the candidate form, a description of membership obligations, and an opt-out form. They are asked to fill out a candidate form detailing their extra-curricular activities and volunteer service activities and to have this document signed or initialed by the activities' sponsors or advisors.

5. Students who do not submit a Candidate Form will be considered as Opting Out. Students must act upon eligibility, either by submitting a Candidate Form or by Opting Out. Once they are eligible for consideration, students may not delay submission to another time beyond the soonest date for consideration.

6. Candidate forms are due back to the NHS advisor by a specified date.

7. The NHS advisor checks the candidate form submissions for completeness.

8. A list of all candidates is made available to each members of the teaching staff as well as administrators who have information regarding behavior and academic integrity. They are asked to make positive observations as well as to indicate those students with whom they have had difficulties or concerns in the area(s) of leadership and/or character. They are encouraged to express their commendations and/or reservations about any candidate.

9. Faculty input is directed to the NHS advisor who reviews all comments and may confer individually with teachers who have made comments about a candidate.

10. The list of all students is presented to the NHS Faculty Council for consideration. The NHS advisor summarizes the concerns of teaching staff members who indicated problems or reservations regarding specific students.

11. The NHS Faculty Council votes on the list of eligible candidates. Student candidates may be considered as a group and/or individually. One of the following decisions will be made for each candidate based upon the majority vote of the Faculty Council:

i.. The student will be offered membership.

ii. The student will be denied membership.

iii. Membership will be deferred.

12. Students to be in ducted will be notified by mail.

13. Students who are to be denied or deferred are notified in person by the NHS advisor, as well as by mail.

14. If a student is deferred, the student will be reconsidered for membership during the senior year at a time determined by the Faculty Council.

15. Any candidate whose invitation to join the NHS was deferred until the senior year but is ultimately granted membership will be admitted to the Society with full rights and privileges.

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