Immunization Requirements (PDF Link on Page)

Every student's immunization records are reviewed to ensure compliance with New Jersey state requirements for school admission. Please see the current New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services: Minimum Immunization Requirements for School Attendance in New Jersey (pdf)

Documents accepted as evidence of immunization include:

  • Official school/childcare records
  • Records from any public health department
  • Physician's certificate/letterhead stationary/prescription pad listing specific vaccines and administration dates signed by a licensed physician or advanced practice nurse

Medical Contraindication:

No student must be required to have any immunization that is medically contraindicated. Requests for medical exemption must state:

  • The reason the immunization is medically contraindicated
  • The specific period of time for which immunization is medically contraindicated
  • The signature of a licensed physician or advanced practice nurse

Religious Exemption:

A student may be exempt from a required immunization if it conflicts with the student's religious beliefs or practices. The parent/guardian must request the religious exemption by writing a letter stating how receiving immunizations conflict with religious beliefs.

Provisional Admission:

Provisional admission allows a child to enter/attend school after having received a minimum of one dose of each of the required vaccines. Students must be in the process of completing the series of vaccines.

Tuberculosis Testing:

All students transferring into Mountain Lakes High School from certain foreign countries with known high tuberculin reactor rates will need to be receive a Mantoux Tubersol Skin Test. Parents/guardians of these students will be notified by the school nurse if a Mantoux Skin Test is required. The parents/guardians may choose to have the skin test done by their healthcare provider or the school nurse.

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